Competition Strategy

Swimming NSW Competition Strategy Policy

The Competition Strategy was implemented by the SNSW Board of Directors to meet a number of key strategic objectives with its overall purpose being to improve the level of Competition that is available to Swimming NSW members.


The Board continues to consult with key stakeholders in regards to the Policy to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of our members.


More details of the SNSW competition Strategy Policy can be found here.



SNSW Competition Strategy Overview

SMNE Competition Strategy Overview

Age Champions


At SMNE Championship events, points will be awarded to each age and each gender listed below in age group events only. 

Age 9

Age 10

Age 11

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15 & Over

The age will be the age of the swimmer at the first day of the Championship meet. Open events will not count towards the individual point scores.  Relay events will not count towards the individual point scores. Development meet points do not count towards Age Champion point scores.

Age Championship awards will be awarded to the eligible Age Champions at SMNE SC Winter Championships and SMNE LC Summer Championships.

Swimmers below the age of 9 will be permitted to swim at the SMNE Championship events, however, they are ineligible to win Age Champion awards or medals.


Club Competitions

Please think about ALL your key stakeholders when putting your meet programs together:

  1. Swimmers
  2. Technical Officials and volunteers
  3. Parents

With all these key stakeholders in mind, the following should be considered when putting programs together:

  • Why are you running this meet
  • What level of swimmers are you catering to
  • What sort of events do these swimmers require
  • How long do you want the meet to go for
  • Will the Technical Officials and volunteers be happy with this timeframe
  • Will parents be happy with this timeframe
  • What can you do to ensure all three stakeholders benefit from the meet
  • How you can ensure that you meet all above aims whilst still be financially viable