Swim Central Guides for Swimmers & Parents


This page was created for all your "need to know" information about Swim Central.  Click on each link below to learn more about Swim Central.  If you are unable to solve your issues using these guides, please contact meetdirector@smne.org.au outlining your issue.


How to enter Meets via Swim Central

How to check a swimmer's meet entries

How do I graduate a dependant(when a dependent turns 18)

How do I purchase a membership product in Swim Central - Eg renewing member or transferring Clubs 

How do I purchase a membership product in Swim Central - Renewing member via purchase order

How to join SC as a brand new member- do not use this if you have ever belonged to any Club in NSW

Adding a new family member to an existing Swim Central Account

Transferring Clubs in Swim Central

How to renew membership

How to initiate a refund in Swim Central - Note, refunds are subject to approval from the organising body



Swim Central FAQs


Q1.  I've tried to enter my child in Meets but I keep getting a yellow exclamation mark with "Pending"


You have already “nominated” your swimmer for those events so you now need to finalise the payments. 

1.  Log into Swim Central with your email address

2.  Click on the PARENT icon and then enter the 4 digit pin

3.  Click on the Parent icon again

4.  Click on the icon “My Purchases”

5.  Filter for “Payments Pending” (if you cannot see any payments pending)

6.  Click on the payment pending related to the meet you have entered and follow the instructions to complete the payment.


Q2.  I've tried to enter my child in Meets but I cannot nominate for any events.


You must unlock the family pin prior to clicking on the swimmer's icon in order to enter events.  Follow these initial steps or click on "How to enter meets via Swim Central" above.

1.  Log into Swim Central with your email address

2.  Click on the PARENT icon and then enter the 4 digit pin

3.  Click on the Swimmer icon then events and proceed to enter/nominate


Q3.  Why do my entries show a yellow Pending whenever I try to enter events for multiple swimmers?


You must ensure that you proceed to the final confirmation screen (big green tick) for each family member's nomination to avoid creating a pending payment.  


Q4.  Why can't other Clubs see our Meet in Swim Central?


Just because you've added a Club in the Relationship tab does not necessarily mean that Club members will be able to see your meet in the Events calendar.  In order for those Clubs to "see" your meet they need to associate your event to their club.  See instructions below "How to associate a Meet to your Club". 


Alternatively, if you want your Meet to be visible to every Club in NSW, you can request SNSW to associate your meet to "New South Wales" by email them at admin@nsw.swimming.org.au

If you would like your meet to be visible to every Club within the Metro North East (SMNE) area, email your request to meetdirector@smne.org.au

Swim Central Guides for Club Administrators


How to create a meet in Swim Central

How to upload results to Swim Central

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How do I link Identification to my Entity

How to download transaction details

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