Technical Officials & Other Volunteering

A team containing many different roles is required to run a carnival. Some roles require formal training and accreditation, others don’t. Authorised meets must be staffed by the right number and type of roles in order for the results to be treated as ‘official’ by the swimming authorities.

Volunteers & Technical Officials (also volunteers) are extremely valued and important members of the swimming community. Without Technical Officials there are no swim meets, and the swimmers have no competition.  The number of volunteer hours required to run a one day swim meet is approximately 1000 hours so everyone relies on the generosity of volunteers in order to continue to provide swimming opportunities for our community.


A swim meet needs a lot of officials - in an eight lane pool at least 40 technical officials are necessary if the meet is to run well, so new officials are constantly in demand. Being an official is an excellent way of supporting your children in their favourite sport.


Find out how to become a Technical Official, the learning pathways available through your club membership, and see how you can become part of the close-knit NSW Technical Official community.


One of the biggest issues swimming is facing is the lack of young volunteers and officials.  Check out this toolkit designed by the Swim.Rocks digital community for ideas on engaging and developing young people into active and confident officials and volunteers.


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Please check our Events Page to see which Meets require Technical officials to volunteer.