Volunteer duties

A team containing many different roles is required to run a carnival. Some roles require formal training and accreditation, others don’t. Authorised meets must be staffed by the right number and type of roles in order for the results to be treated as ‘official’ by the swimming authorities.  The duties on this page are essential duties at each carnival performed by various volunteers from different Clubs but do not require any formal training.


Description of duties

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Additional details for some roles


The runner at each meet ensures that the meet results are picked up and delivered to the appropriate technical official.   This role is a busy role but allows the runner to still watch events throughout the meet.



The club(s) rosted for catering are responsible for feeding snacks to all the volunteers and coaches (approximately 70) throughout the day.


Recommended food to provide (usually supplied by the parents of the club): muffins, cakes, lots of fruit, cheese, crackers, sweet/savoury slices. Drinks (bottled water) will be supplied by SMNE for distribution.


Parents should leave the food on the shelf at the back of the recording room at Sopac, during warm up. Note no glass and breakables are permitted inside Sopac. It is recommended that any re-usable boxes are named and parents collect them at the end of the meet.


The club(s) should provide 2 caterers to cut up the food and distribute throughout the meet. 4 rounds are recommended during the day – twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.


Car parking

The role is to hand out parking passes for Officials at the SOPAC delivery entrance at the rear of the centre. One person is required.


When the rostered volunteer parks at Sopac (P2), rather than walk from the car and turn right towards the main entrance, turn left and walk around the building about 200-300m until you reach a large vehicle gate with pedestrian gate alongside. That is the rear delivery entrance.


They should arrive at that rear entrance 45 min before warm up commences, call the meet director on his/her mobile phone, who will then come out to the rear gate to hand over a pack of passes and a list of those entitled to receive one. The person should stand just inside the gate so they can both had out passes and let people in. Please come prepared for the weather.