Meet Approval

Requests for Pre-Meet Approval

With the introduction of Swim Central there is a new Meet Approval Process and ALL Club Meets must be approved by the Area Convenor both before and after the Meet. Please do NOT send your requests directly to SNSW. Doing so may delay the approval of your Meet as SNSW will have to redirect your request to me.  As of July 2020, Clubs must also include a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan.


All requests for Meet Approvals must be sent to accompanied by a copy of the meet program and a Request for Approval (RFA) PDF form, which can be downloaded here (editable PDF for your convenience) and your Club's Covid Safety plan (this is different from the Venue's safety plan).


Results Approval

Requests for Results Approval

All requests for approval of results must be sent to accompanied with the following information:

  • Date of meet
  • Exact name of Meet as it appears in Swim Central
  • Venue
  • Name of Accredited Referee
  • Name of Accredited Starter
  • Meet Backup
  • TM Results File (this is the same file you use to upload results to Swim Central)


Please remember that you have 7 days (or 168 hours) from the completion of your Meet to have the results approved by SMNE. It’s extremely important that your results are sent through as early as possible to ensure we have time to check the files as well as the credentials of the technical officials. Results received after 7 days will not be approved.


Manual timing: must have 3 stopwatch times recorded for an official times meet

Semi-automatic timing:  must have 2 times recorded for an official times meet

Automatic timing: must have 1 time recorded for an official times meet.  Back up timing is recommended


Results Upload to Swim Central

Results uploaded to Swim Central MUST be checked for Mismatched data.  Click the horizontal bars in the Result Upload button for a list of mismatched data.  Fix the mismatches then upload your results again BEFORE sending to me for approval.